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A good smile is an important part of our personality. A good smile makes us look good, healthy and confident. It adds a plus point in our behavior.  This increases our social circle and helps us in making new friends.  A bright smile is also considered as a sign of sexual interest. But a smile can lose its charm because of yellowish teeth.  Yellowish teeth are the sign of poor health and poor hygienic habits. The reason behind yellowish teeth can be anything from wine, tea, and coffee to smoking cigarettes etc. Yellow teeth not only make us look unhealthy but also affect our social life adversely. If your teeth are also turning yellowish in color, then you must know about DentaBright Pro teeth whitening kit which the help of which you can get brighter teeth like never before without going to any dental clinic.

About DentaBright Pro

DentraBright Pro is effective teeth whitening product which comes with five benefits. Now you can get back your alluring smile from the comfort of your home. DentaBright Pro teeth whitening kit contains the following five items:-

  1. Extreme Whitening Gel – This gel makes teeth white.
  2. Mouth Guard – It helps in applying gel on the teeth.
  3. LED Light – It speeds up the whitening process.
  4. Remineralizing Gel – As its name suggests, it contains some minerals which refines teeth surface.
  5. Whitening Pen with Soft Brushes – It helps in reaching the deep corners of your teeth and making them whiter.

With DentaBright Pro, you can save both money and time. Moreover it doesn’t require much effort as it is very simple and easy to use and you get results within minutes of using it.

Benefits of DentaBright Pro

DentaBright Pro gives you many benefits in comparison to other such teeth whitening products. Some of them are written below:-

  1. No Teeth Sensitivity – You do not feel any teeth sensitivity while using DentaBright Pro because its remineralizing gel reduces teeth sensitivity during the whole process.
  2. Quick Results – With DentaBright Pro, you get results within 15 minutes. Its LED Light makes it work faster and deliver the results within minutes.
  3. No Plaque & Stains – It not only makes teeth whiter but also removes plaque and stains that make you teeth look ugly.
  4. Easy to Use – It comes with a how to use guide which explains everything in a step by step method.
  5. Makes Teeth Brighter and Whiter – You get healthy, brighter and whiter teeth.
  6. Suits Every Pocket – It comes at a affordable price of $25 which is way cheaper when compared with seeking professional help.
  7. Saves Time – Now you do not have to visit any dental clinic to get teeth whitening treatment. You can do it yourself at home.

dentabright pro before after image

How I Have to Use DentaBright Pro?

Using DentaBright Pro is three step process.  These are:-

  1. Apply gel to the mouth guard.
  2. Place mouth guard on the bottom and top layers of your teeth.
  3. Now activate LED Light.

You must first read the instruction carefully before using it. The company has already made it very clear that they won’t be responsible for any damage caused to your teeth or gum because of mishandling of the kit. Therefore, it is in your best interest to first read and understand the instructions and precautions carefully.

DentaBright Pro Cost & Its Refund Policy

DentaBright Pro price is $10 but after adding shipping charges $7.50 and second treatment charges $7.50, it will eventually cost you $25. They are running a 30 day refund policy but $7.50 shipping charges will not be returned to you.

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